Aker Satin Silk Scarf 7725701-371

Brand : Aker
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Price : $ 49.98(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 29.50(Vat included)
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On a broken white background, smoked, earth tones, bitter coffee, ethnic pattern


As always, seyraesarp.com, which is in front of you with the latest season Aker Scarf varieties, brings together beautiful scarf models with each other again. Purpleeover, discounted prices and campaign opportunities provide attractive shopping opportunities.

Satin (Crepe Satin), greylled Crepe Satin and Twill Silk make you choose the right model for your style. Now you can enjoy your favorite model Aker New Season Scarf 2019 Autumn Winter models.

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Artır Azalt


Aker Satin Silk Scarf Autumn Winter 2018-2019 Season

100% Silk Satin Aker Scarf

Color; Broken white, smoked, earthy tones, bitter coffee

Made of 100% silk fabric using the best quality silk.

Fabric weave satin rope

It is 90 x 90 cm in size.

The edge operations of the squares were achieved

The scarf fabrics are painted with the root dyes of the plants,

Materials that could be harmful to human health were not used in silk scarf production.