Seyra Scarf is a fashion and shopping website which aims to be able to respond to the wishes of women who prefer conservative clothing style., which collects the products of today's most distinguished brands and the special designs of world famous fashion designers, provides a fast, high quality and reliable shopping experience to its customers. Adopting an understanding that customers can feel special with sales and after-sales services, seyra scarf offers a shopping experience full of privileges to its customers with the confidence and convenience 


Why Seyra Scarf 

Do you know why we have thousands of happy costumer?

Because we know your scarf is the most important part of your clothing and our goal is to present the best for you.

We are one of the leading company based in Turkey, the center of scarf and shawl fashion.

Our passion is to bring together every possible option your heart desires.

Seyra Scarf provides a wide range product scala from hijabs, silk scarves to shawls. It doesn't matter that you prefer a classy silk scarf or a breezy hijab, or maybe you prefer modern but modest shawl. You can find every style with the best price on our web page. Along with our brand, we bring together the best brands from Turkey, like Aker Scarves, Armine Scarves, Pierre Cardin Scarves, Silkhome, Levidor, Sura, Cacharel, Vakko and so on.


We are one f the leading online trader of Turkish scarves, shawls and accessories as wholesale and retail, within Turkey and all over the world since 2014


Is that All?


Offering the best quality with best prices is not enough for us. Our goal is to offer best online-shopping experience from payment  to shipping and delivery

We accept various payment options to make your shopping experience easier and more accessible. You can use Visa, Western Union, MoneyGram or bank transfer securely. If you are not comfortable with sharing card information online you can always call us and finalized your order on the phone or you can contact our customer care service via Whatsapp +90 543 445 0 555

Other communication ways with us are mail [email protected], online chat by means of our web site to get information about the process and our products.



Your Personal Information Privacy and Security


Your personal information during your registration and order placement, will not be shared with any third party and will be protected strictly.

Our company may send e-mail or messages about new products, campaigns or deals from time to time


Our members are free to receive or not these messages or mails and select their choices at their membership accounts. You can change your selections whenever you want 


Your membership information can only  be shared for official purposes upon written request by Government Authorities.



Credit Card Security


For our Company your credit cards security is the first issue. Your credit card information do not reach to us and do not be saved in any case. This information is passed to the banks which will process the payment and is done through SSL based 128-bit encryption. So any third part can not acquire your card numbers. Our servers only act as an intermediate between the customer and bank computers.


We are operating in this business since 2014 and we always protected our customers rights.


You can trust the web sites which have detailed official  address and contact legal contact information on their website



E-Mail Security


Please do not write to our mail address your credit card numbers and passwords. At e-mails your information can be seen by thid parties We can not guarantee your privacy in this case.



General Conditions


People who are under the age of 18, can not shop from has the right to change prices and prictures and other information on the website without any notice before. has the right to cancel any order if there is a mistake at price and product displayed on site.


At money transfer orders, your money  transfer should be realized within three business days, otherwise your order would be cancelled


Membership is not mandatory for shopping on

No image or graphic on the website can be used, copied or imitated without written consent of


Your Address and telephone information is necessary for delivery purposes 


For any more question please contact us :


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