The first step regarding the orders you have placed on Seyra Scarf is the payment control. With the Money Order or Credit Card Payment system, the delivery time starts when the order amount is transferred to our accounts. Orders placed until 16:00 are shipped on the same day. Orders placed after 4 pm will be shipped the next day. Our products are sold in available stocks.


Money Transfer Payment:


If the wire transfer discount is specified in the payments made by wire transfer, a discount of 2% is applied. Your orders will be cancelled if the payment was not realised within 3 business days


After the money transfer purchases, if you inform us by filling out the notification form, or by sending e-mail to [email protected] will help you reach your product faster.


Shipping (Delivery):


The price of the orders with an amount of 100 Usd or more is met by our company. For orders with an amount less than 100 Usd, the cargo price is calculated by the system and 15 Usd (shipping cost is 7 TL for domestic orders) is added to the total amount. You can see the total price of the product and the cargo before the order is finalized. This is valid for retail customers



The domestic delivery times of the cargo companies vary between 1 and 3 days (depending on the distance of the delivery address to the shipping branch in your city). Cargo tracking information related to your order is sent to your registered e-mail address and / or mobile phone as soon as possible after the cargo delivery. You can find out the cargo tracking information by contacting customer service via e-mail or phone and you can find out the delivery stage of your cargo through the website of the cargo company.

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