Seyra Scarf is also one of the leading online wholesalers, and our online wholesale conditions are as follows;


Scarf, Shawl, Silk Scarf, Silk Shawl and Scarf Accessories Wholesale Terms;


Minimum Order Quantity: Min order should be 500 USD or more. There are no product types, series or kinds of requirements for your order to be wholesale. The minimum order amount or more is enough to shop.

Invoice: Our wholesale sales are one-to-one invoices as in retail and invoices are sent with the product. Prices include VAT.


Membership: To be able to see the wholesale prices, you need to be notified of our member name via mail, ([email protected]) whatsapp (+90543 445 0 551) or contact form to convert your membership to wholesale membership. After converting your membership to wholesale membership, you can see our wholesale prices when you re-log in with our membership information.


Payment: You can pay for your wholesale orders as well as payment by visa and master cards, amex cards and 14 different local payment methods, bank wire transfer or western union or any other similar payment systems.


Shipping Cost: Even if the system allows, free shipping is not valid for wholesale purchases. In addition, a shipping fee is requested or if you have an account with DHL, it will be sent on the condition that the shipping fee is paid by the buyer.


After receiving the wholesale order, the shipping cost is calculated according to the product weight and the country of origin of the order and a link is sent to the buyer for the collection of the shipping charge. Shipments are delivered after shipping costs are paid by the customer



Shipping Time:All of our products are shipped from stock and your orders are shipped within 2 business days. Our company works with Aras Kargo in domestic cargo and DHL Express for overseas cargo shipments.


Delivery times vary depending on the place of residence in your country but within 3 to 7 business days. In mobile areas where the cargo branch is not available, this period can be seven (7) business days. For the wholesale orders, the shipping fee is paid by the buyer, which is contracted by Seyra Scarf, at the discounted rate and paid by the buyer.


Returns and Exchanges: In case of defect, defo is returned within 7 days. In other cases there is no return at  wholesale shoppings


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