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Today I received my order, I just wanna thank you, I truly love the Shawls, the tissue is stunning truly adore them, thank you again. From now on i will be your client 😊
Have a happy week 

Hasnaa - Singapore 03.12.2018



Very fast, I liked the exact same as the product

C. Akyüz 23.05.2018


I did not expect that good work would come in such short time as the scarf I ordered yesterday. Thank you for your enthusiasm for showing me so much. Compare my Lord with every good customer.

H. Çetindağ - 10.04.2018


the product is very nice but I guess the color came to green pink I was expecting blue pink is not very clear. still very beautiful member 26.04.2018



They sent a very elegant message and package, thank you

J. Özçiftçi 16.04.2018



Quality product and fast cargo

N. Bülbül 18.04.2018


beautiful product as seen in the magnificent pictures member 30.03.2018


store communication is nice. customer satisfaction is nice to answer questions instantly. the delivery time and delivery time has not exceeded 24 hours. thanks for everything. a shop that will find quality products at asuitable price member-10.02.2018



Thank you! I received a scarf from you, a quick delivery at an astounding rate, never before! You are the best :)


We ordered one more for my daughter who lives in London and they will definitely order more.


Thank you! I've already received the scarf, it was a shockingly fast delivery before never ever happened before! You are the best)

I've been waiting for you for a while.


Nela and Vlad -Austria-02.02.2018


My cargo has come many thanks, good day wishes

Esra T. -31.10.2017



Hello Good day ... I came to shine very beautiful All of them I like very exactly like I want ❤❤

Zemzem B. -30.10.2017


My scarf came to me in  a speed manner.  MashaAllah. many thanks

Meral H. -27.10.2017


Thank you also for your confidence and quick cargo.

Vecibe E. - 25.10.2017


Thank you very much for coming to my scarves wonders. this second order was not a problem, I really thank you guys like me

Fadime G. - 24.10.2017


Good day I got my kiss last week Thank you very much I could not write to you for a while I remember I had forgotten what I wanted

Songül H. -24.10.2017


Thank you very much for your interest, I am very sincere good friends

Betül Ö. - 24.10.2017


Hello, I am very grateful that my products have arrived :) I have already shopped ahead of myself and I am pleased with what is happening today. Thanks to everyone who gives the labor, I will see you again :)

Reyhan M. - 13/10/2017


It was an irrelevant shop. The product is of high quality. We thank you. customer Tayfur K.-05.09.2017



I really do not know how to thank you. I have now looked at my escapes and it is REALLY FRIENDLY. I would like to order this 4th from you and most liked it. Thank you very much, for not wasting my confidence. Allah will give you plenty of profitable gains

Kubra Gürsu U. 30.08.2017


The scarves came today I like it so much I like it very much Thank you, your site is very reliable now I will buy all your wars from you. Your prices are also very affordable. I also thank you for your note. very sweet :) Be entrusted to you Allaha. I wish you profits

Aytul A.-Elazig. 05/24/2017


Hi Kevser,  I have ordered my scarf very much Thank you very much. At the beginning I have been very hesitant at first but I will recommend everybody who is going around

Emine Ö. - 19.05.2017


Every time I buy it I use it with greater pleasure. You do your job right. Thank you so much. Cargo arrived. Abundant earnings Kevser member - 18.05.2017


I picked it up the next day. Good product thanks member - 11.05.2017


yaaa what a sweet store you are :)))) you wrote the card and put it :)) thank you. I was very pleased. member - 17.04.2017


Shopping from this store was good .... member - 31.03.2017












The order was shipped quickly and the products packed very nicely were identical to each other and I was very satisfied with the original purchase thank you Seyra Scarf.

Hanife Y. 10.10.2015


When we did research from the internet, we found our scarf from our site that we came across by chance in 2 days. We thank you. In addition, your card in the cargo and thank you letter is a nice kindness.

Erdinc T. 10.10.2015


I am very pleased to receive from your site that I have received from  your site, the speed of interest is irreplaceable and it has not been possible for me to reach the cargo in one day, afterwards I would like to thank you for reaching and thanking you on whatsap. new season scarves on your site you want to see faster than other places to get from you. Thank you for everything. I wish you a lot of good money. Goodbye

Ela G. 24.09.2015


Hello ... I am very pleased with the speed of reaching the hand as it is the same as the picture of the product I bought from you. After that, you are the shopping address for my scarves and shawls... thank you ...

Oylum G. 03.09.2015


I was very pleased that the cargo was reached in 1 and a half days, and I was very interested in the scarf I wanted exactly,

Gülşen D. 26.08.2015


Hello scarves reached a in a day prepared very attentively. I would like to express my gratitude. There are plenty of varieties in our online store and it is also reasonably priced. I think I will be your permanent customer :)

Ayşe B. 19.08.2015


Hello Dear Seyra Scarf, I am very touched for the note that really came out of package, you made me very happy. The scarves are all beautiful, I am very happy to order from you, Goodbye, wish to meet you in one more shopping

Aydin Butik - Germany 18.08.2015


I really like the scarves that I ordered and it is not different from the picture and I am surprised at reaching the scarves so fast.

Meral Y. 18.08.2015


Hello ; customer satisfaction, but I can say that it would be nice to have fast cargo product quality, instant replenishment, all the features that should be in a trade are excellent. Since the products I have returned are not only for the face, there is no problem in the product, and also you have left them in your scarves. Your beautiful notes are a different kind of welcome again for all Thanks in the hope of being a customer for a long time

Özlem Ç. 08/17/2015


I am very pleased. Up to now it is super fast shipping cargo and the products are kept super. Thank you. I hopefully  you will always continue in this manner

Murat K. 01.08.2015



I would like to state that I am satisfied with your service. The product was the same as the sight. Some companies have problems like not being the same. The cargo also reached me quite quickly. Thank you

Zeynep T. 31.07.2015


Thank you very much .. my orders reached me .. I liked the scarves and shawls , and also I have not waited a long time, although it was supplied from stock .. thank you in this regard. I have reached me right on time.ll time.  My Lord give you good rewards

Seyma.  22.07.2015


I will always prefer it because of the quality of the scarf and the speed of the sender.

Dilek Y. 22.07.2015


Hello, first of all I am very satisfied with the quality of the scarves and stoles, and of course the packaging was great, and I was able to made a gift with a closed eye.

Thank you :)

Betül Y. 08.07.2015


The order came with a carefully packed package and was picked up within 2 days. thank you so much

Hatice S. 02.07.2015


we gave the order within 2 days and we received it safely. also the customer service's operating system is very successful. thank you for attention.

Kadir A. 01.07.2015


I am very pleased with the Seyra Scarf. I think it is a company that follows its business seriously. The wrap order I gave (the gift of the match) arrived quickly. I thank them.

Mehmet Ç. 06/25/2015


You've proven you are a really reliable site. Thank you for your speed and careful package. We chose Mommy for the gift. It's exactly the same. Those who order will be able to choose Seyra Scarf without any thought.

Merve Y. 23.06.2015


Thank you very much for all the happiness you have made happiness is a good thing :)

Bünyamin D. 16.06.2015


Hello, Seyra Scarf team. I have been shopping many times over the internet until today; none of them delivered your product as carefully as you. I take clarity, they serve evil no, only the care that you have shown is very different and the cargo is delivered in just the right time, the packaging of the product, the quality of the product, and I have taken it quite affordably. I would also like to talk about the way I am in Karaman and I am very glad that your head office is Karaman too. I thank the Seyra Scarf team for their service.

Nisa A. 11.06.2015


I am very pleased that I am happy to get my yarn from you afterwards

Gonca A. 10.06.2015


I am very pleased that every order I gave you came the next day I use very high quality in your products and I think that I will make shawls and scarves shopping from here and I would also like to thank you for your kind and nice service ..

Elif Bahar. A. 09.06.2015


Thank you very much for your service.

Edanur K. 06.06.2015


Thank you!  I've already received the scarf, it was a shockingly fast delivery that never ever happened before! You are the best)

I've ordered another one for our daughter who lives in London, and will definitely order more.


Nela and Vlad


My scarf has come, it is very beautiful 

Rose S. 05.06.2015


hello my wife came today. I bought it for the first time, I bought it on many sideways, but I admired your kindness. Thank you.

Kubra Y. 05.06.2015


Thank you very much for your interest and courtesy, I am very satisfied with your shopping.

Özge Ö. 05/29/2015


Thank you very much for cargo.

Vildan C. 22.05.2015


Thank you very much we took the cargo.

Pink K. 22.05.2015


Hello There are a lot of beautiful scarves. Thank you.

Tülay K. 20.05.2015


Thank you very much for your interest I have come to my attention I have packed a very nice package I already belted a separate scarf :)

Firdevs M. 25.06.2014


Many thanks we received shipment

Zahide Y. 16.05.2014


thank you also because of your thoughtfulness, the product was packed very nicely member 11.05.2014