Vissona Twill Silk Scarf 16423-01-02

Brand : Vissona
Discount Rate : %17 Discount
Price : $ 30.00(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 24.75(Vat included)
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White, gold chain detail on black background

Black and white's love chain detail will be the star of all your comets


Vissona silk scarf models are designed for use on special occasions, invitations and places rather than daily use.

Vissona silk scarf models are stunning designs, which allow you to easily combine your clothes with special clothing.

Motifs are original and not imitations or analogues of other brands

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Artır Azalt

Vissona Twill Silk Scarf

Color: black, burgundy, gold

Scarf Sizes; 90 * 90 cm

No water and stain.

100% Twill silk scarf.

Carcinogenic Waterbstances were not used in Vissona scarf production.