Locella Soft Eşarp 8249
Locella Soft Eşarp 8249

Locella Soft Scarf 8249 (SYRLCL08249)

Brand : Locella
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Locella Soft Scarf 8249

Ethnic patterns are provided on the turquoise background, ensuring integrity.

It has quality cotton weaving.

Locella Soft Scarf Series gives cheesecloth with its soft texture.

Locella Soft Scarf Series; Locella quality is designed by integrating with the unique cotton texture.

Locella Soft Scarf Series; It is designed with different colors and patterns, and its comfortable and classic attitude is combined with affordable price.

Locella Soft Scarf Series blends alternative fabrics with daily life.

It accompanies you in your invitations, special days and daily life.

It has Colors and patterns that can be combined in all your clothes.

Don't miss affordable prices before your favorite model runs out.

Locella Soft Scarf 8249

Color: Turquoise, gray, blue, burgundy, tile, green

Size: 90 * 90 cm (35.,43 inch) cm (35.,43 inch)

Fabric: Cotton

It is water and stain resistant.

No chemicals containing carcinogenic substances are used.

Hand wash at 30 degrees


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