Levidor Tivil İpek Eşarp 700282
Levidor Tivil İpek Eşarp 700282

Levidor Twill Silk Scarf 700282 (SYR03847)

Brand : Levidor
Price : $ 14.24(Vat included)
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Integrity is achieved by mixing a mixed colorful design on the Fuchsia floor.

It is produced from 100% Silk using quality Silk. It is Silk Woven.

Levidor is the Silk Scarf brand of Tuğbay Tekstil, a fully domestic capital operating for more than 30 years.

Levidor presents the newest form of elegance by presenting the classic appearance with a modern baWinter angle.

Is Levid; It adds beauty to your beauty by equipping you with exclusive designs in your invitations, special occasions and daily life.

Levidor has an original spirit with its colors and patterns and has colors that can be combined in all your clothes.

With its classic and bold designs, Levidor adapts itself to all times and adds beauty to your beauty.

Take a look before your favorite color runs out without wasting time on the Levidor Silk Scarf models.

Do not miss affordable prices

Levidor New season Twill Silk Scarf

Color: Fuchsia, green, orange, black, yellow

Scarf sizes: 90 * 90 cm

Water and stain resistant.

100% Twill Silk Scarf.

No carcinogenic substances were used in production of scarf.

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