Aker Twill Silk Scarf 7590713-921

Brand : Aker
Discount Rate : %38 Discount
Price : $ 39.72(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 24.50(Vat included)
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Cream,Red, Navy Blue,Blue,latte

mixed Colour Ground ,nde geometric designs ile bütünlük sağlanmıştır.

Dünyanın en kaliteli ipeği kullanılarak %100 Silkten manufactured. Dokuması Silk Twilldir.

The edges of the scarves are made by hand.

Scarves are produced with vegetable root dyes and do not contain any harmful carcinogenic substances.

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Artır Azalt

Aker Twill  Silk Scarf 2018 Spring Summer Season

%100 Silk Twill Aker Scarf 

Colour;Cream,Navy Blue,Red,Blue,latte

90*90 In size

Aker silk fabrics was produced with nanotechnology.

Aker Silk Scarf has the feature of not staining, easy cleaning and water impermeability in rainy weather.

Aker Scarfs give lavender as long as the instructions for use are followed.