Aker Twill Silk Scarf 2019 Summer 7843713-922

Brand : Aker
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On the cream background, yellow, pink, sax, purple floral patterns are blended and presented in a modern look.

Made of 100% silk using the world's best quality silk. The weaving is silk.

Aker Scarf 2019 Summer Collection offers unique designs by combining modern attitude with high quality workmanship.

Aker 2019 Summer Collection has colors and models that can be compatible with all your clothes in your invitations, special days or everyday life.

Aker Silk Scarf 2019 Summer Collection adds elegance to your style with its impressive designs.

designed in a timeless line, Aker Silk 2019 Summer Collection adds elegance to your glow with a bold look.

Aker is the most fun of the Summer season, crowned with charming designs.

Aker 2019 Summer Collection; Take a look at your dream designs and your favorite color is running out.

Do not miss the appropriate deals and unique scarf models.


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Artır Azalt

Aker Silk Scarf 2019 Summer Season

Fabric weaving is 100% silk.

Color; cream; yellow pink;

90 x 90 cm in size.

Edging is done in hand.

Produced with herbal root dyes, does not contain any harmful carcinogenic Waterbstances.

In the production of silk scarf fabric, Waterbstances that may be harmful to human health are not used.