Pierre Cardin Twill Silk Scarf 7245438-913

Brand : Pierre Cardin
Discount Rate : %45 Discount
Price : $ 44.75(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 24.50(Vat included)
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white  Ground , Sax blue, Fuchsia, Green, Navy Blue, Black, Purple flower design


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Artır Azalt

Pierre cardin Twill Silk Scarf 2017 Summer Season
Colour; white, Sax blue, Fuchsia, Navy Blue, Black, Purple

%100 Twill Silk pierre cardin Scarf

Pierre Cardin Scarfs are designed to keep water in short-term rainfall
It also has the ability to clean the dirt and keep it clean when it is dirty.


Pierre cardin Scarves  Carcinogenic Substance Not Used.