Cacharel Twill Silk Scarf 7442313-912

Brand : Cacharel
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Discounted : $ 24.50(Vat included)
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Turquoise, green, blue, yellow flower pattern on white background

Cacharel silk scarf models, comfortable to use, with twill silk options

it appeals to your pleaWaterre.

When you combine with your Cacharel bearded dresses, geometric patterned

With a sportswear of silkworms, you can combine sports with a bag and a jean.

If you want to combine your flower-patterned Cacharel Silk Scarf,

you can combine it with an eye-catching leather case, fabric pants / skirt and a chiffon-silk blouse or tunic

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Artır Azalt

Cacharel 100% Twill Silk Scarf
2017-2018 autumn winter season
Color; White, turquoise, green, yellow, blue
90 * 90 Dimension
Water and Stain Removal