Cacharel Tivil İpek Eşarp 7694313-941
Cacharel Tivil İpek Eşarp 7694313-941

Cacharel Twill Silk Scarf 7694313-941 (SYR02032)

Brand : Cacharel
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A modern Winter angle is presented with plaid and rose patterns, using plum tones in weight.

It is produced from 100% Silk using quality Silk. Silk crepe twill is woven.

Cacharel 2018-2019 Season reveals the newest state of elegance with a modern baWinter angle and a spirit that makes you feel the future.

Cacharel 2018- 2019 Season has a unique spirit with its colors and patterns and has colors that can be combined in all your clothes.

With its bold designs that refresh the modern spirit, Cacharel 2018-2019 Season adds beauty to your beauty by adapting itself to all times.

Cacharel 2018-2019 season Silk Scarf models without wasting time, Take a look before your favorite color runs out.

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Cacharel Twill Silk Scarf 2018- 2019 Autumn Winter Season

100% Silk Twill Cacharel Silk Scarf

Color: oembe, Fuchsia, plum, potted, green, Red, browned, powder, cream

It is made of 100% Silk Fabric using the highest quality Silk.

Fabric weaving Twill Silk

It is 90 x 90 cm in size.

Edge engravings of scarfs are hand made

Scarf Fabrics are painted with root dyes of plants,

Substances that may be harmful to human health were not used in Silk Scarf fabric production.


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