Armine Zulal Silk Sahwl Milk 100-08

Brand : Armine
Discount Rate : %12 Discount
Price : $ 42.47(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 37.25(Vat included)
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Armine silk shawl milk color, double sided available

Armine shawls, many known scarves and shawls without leaving the traditional line of today's ladies to the taste of the present. Each dress style and every woman's demand in terms of design, color and fabric in terms of diversification of the models won by the customers.

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Artır Azalt

Armine Silk Shawl
Color; Milk
Armine Silk Shawls are available in sizes 70 * 210.
100% Silk Shawl
Suitable for double-sided use.
Non-staining and waterproof properties.
Does not contain Carcinogenic Substance and Paint.