Armanda %30 İpek Tül Şal Saks
Armanda %30 İpek Tül Şal Saks

Armanda %30 Silk Tulle shawl Saks (SYR08667)

Brand : Armanda
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Armanda 30% Silk Tulle shawl Saks

It has 30% Silk, 70% viscose fabric texture.

It is double layered, the top surface is tulle.

It is soft and silky.

With its silxy appearance, it adds elegance to your elegance and offers a comfortable use.

You can easily find models that suit your taste among Armanda Colors, which have a collection rich in color and fabric.


Armanda 30% Silk Tulle shawl Saks

Fabric: 30% Silk, 70% Viscose

Color: Saks

Size: 70 * 180

Dry cleaning is recommended for the longevity of your product.

We recommend that you wash as follows:

Hand at 30 ° C, wash without soaking. Without squeezing, gently strain the water and beat.

While it is damp, iron it from the hanger and hang it dry. Wash each of your shawls one by one.

Do not use detergent and bleach. Use Silk shawl Shampoo. Do not machine wash.


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