Aker Simli Monogram shawl 1040100-372
Aker Simli Monogram shawl 1040100-372
Aker Simli Monogram Şal 1040100-372

Aker silvery Monogram shawl 1040100-372 (SYR00402)

Brand : AKER
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It adds a charming atmosphere with its sim look.

It is designed as a single color. The border frame has monograms (embroidery) from the Aker emblem.

It stays tight.

Shawls, one of the most important accessories of hijab clothing, should adapt to the chosen outfit.

It offers a comfortable use by adding elegance to your elegance with its silk si appearance.

It helps you to make suitable combinations for all your clothes in your invitations, special days and daily life.

It complements your elegance by adding elegance to your combination with a stylish and impressive look.

You can easily find colors that suit your taste among the Aker silvery monogram series, which has a rich collection in terms of colour.

Aker silvery Monogram Shawls; Take a look before your favorite color runs out.

Don't miss affordable prices

Aker Silvery Monogram Shawl

Fabric: 70% viscose, 30% polyester

Color: Gray

Size: 75*190

Wash at 30° C with similar products.

Do not use bleach or chemicals.

It can be ironed with steam or at low temperature.

Dry cleanable.

It certainly does not contain carcinogenic substances.

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