Aker Saten İpek Eşarp 7651701-341
Aker Saten İpek Eşarp 7651701-341

Aker Satin Silk Scarf 7651701-341 (SYR00373)

Brand : Aker
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Price : $ 29.99(Vat included)
Discounted : $ 22.37(Vat included)
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Red, White, oil Green, Claret Red, coral, zebra pattern on black background

Aker Satin Silk Scarf 2018- 2019 Autumn Winter Season

100% Silk Satin Aker Scarf

Color; black, Red, White, fat Green, Claret Red, coral

It is made of 100% Silk Fabric using the highest quality Silk.

Fabric weave is Satin Silk

It is 90 x 90 cm in size.

Edge embroideries of scarves are hand made

Scarf Fabrics are painted with root dyes of plants,

In the production of Silk Scarf Fabric, substances that may be harmful to human health were not used.


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